Top 15+ Castor Oil Life Changing Beauty Tips In 2021

Castor Oil

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But as you can tell today’s article is going to be all around castor oil beauty hacks and there are many many things that you can do with just plain old castor oil and especially many Beauty benefit.

You guys know I like to fall in a budget so I like to find products that you can use in multiple different ways instead of having to go out and buy so many different products.

This is not only going to save you money but it is effective and castor oil is seriously a beauty secret I’ve done.

So many other articles like this including toothpaste hacks Vaseline hacks lemon hacks coconut hacks baby oil hacks you name it I will link down below as well as the DIY slash like box play list for you guys.

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Top 10 Product

Extra Dark Castor Oil

Castor oil is the pale yellow liquid extracted from castor seeds and is very rich in antioxidants.

It is a natural beauty ingredient that can solve most skin and hair problems it contains vitamin E proteins Omega 6 and 9

And those are the key components responsible for good hair and skin and on top of it castor oil is known for its antibacterial properties.

Like I said castor oil has amazing benefits for this skin so the first life hack is going to be all about clearing up acne with castor oil.

so it is recommended that you steam your face prior to application so all I did is I filled a bowl with boiling hot water and I laid my face over on top of it so that the steam just opens up my pores.

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There are now face steamers that you can buy but this is a quick DIY option if you don’t have that like me I didn’t have those like face steamers so I just went ahead and made my own.

So I just stayed there for a few minutes before I went ahead and applied castor oil to my face.

So castor oil does help with acne and as well as acne scarring so I just applied it all over most of my face because I dotend to break out and I do have a lot of acne scarring.

If you haven’t had luck trying out different acne products definitely try this one because it is something natural and has been used as an acne treatment.

It is extremely gentle and nourishing and it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties make it an ideal treatment for skin problems you can also use this at night every time before you go to bed but it does wonders to the skin.

not only is a great for acne and acne scarring but it’s also amazing for banishing wrinkles and dark circles it is intensely moisturizing and when it is applied it works to plump up your skin and banish wrinkles.

It also increases the blood flow which helps tighten and brighten your skin reducing the appearance of dark circles.

So you can apply this once a day and then wash it off with warm water to reveal younger glowing looking skin.

Now that the colder weather is just around the corner you can use castor oil to soften your lips there are many lip balms on the market but a much cheaper and more effective treatment is castor oil.

All you have to do is put a few drops and massage it onto your lips morning and night and it will soften smooth and give your lips a little bit of a plump due.

To its nourishing properties, castor oil encourages hair growth so you can actually apply castor oil onto your brows.

If you want to make your brows thicker and you want the hair to grow faster so this is really great if you have thin hair on your brows and you’re trying to grow them.

I definitely recommend adding a couple of drops and just apply on with your fingers and you could do this every single night before you go to bed and you’re going to get a thicker fuller brow look.

but not only is castor oil great for helping grow the brows but it is known for helping grow eyelashes as well, so if you want more of those long luxurious lashes try castor oil


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Best Castor Oil tips

a tip is to get the most accurate application use an eyeliner brush once you have a clean good eyeliner brush just dip it into the castor oil and apply it to the roots of your eyelash and then along the length.

This is really going to help allow you to coat each lash perfectly but make sure that you are of course careful to not get it into your eyes.

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I also apply castor oil on the bottom lashes as well and if you do this over time every single night you’re going to notice such a big difference a lot of people have really sworn by this.

a lot of the times eyelash serums that you can buy have castor oil in them and it is just seen as a great natural ingredient that’s going to help promote eyelash growth.

Benefits of castor oil

# Hack 1

Now I’m going to share with you some benefits that castor oil does to your hair and the first one being it is a great DIY hair treatment to encourage hair growth.

All you have to do is just take that castor oil section off your hair and apply it to the roots massaging it into your scalp.

so I just went ahead and applied it to all the different parts of my hair and made sure that I’m really getting it into the scalp once you apply it all over your roots.

then you can go ahead and comb it along the length of your hair then I just popped on a shower cap and you’re going to leave on this treatment for two hours before you go ahead and wash it out.

Of course since castor oil is a pretty thick coil you’re going to want to make sure that you really rinse and wash out the castor oil.

So I usually have to shampoo twice to get the castor oil completely out of my hair but my fit hair feels amazing after this treatment and I really do notice a difference in helping it to grow your hair.

a lot of people have had really great results with this and I know for myself I’ve been doing castor oil treatments for a very long time and I find it really makes my hair look amazing.

# Hack 2

This next hair hack is to treat dandruff and an itchy flaky scalp so all you have to do is take one tablespoon of castor oil one tablespoon of olive oil.

And then just squeeze a fresh lemon into the mixture mix it all together and this is going to be your hair treatment.

Castor oil is extremely great at tackling common scalp infections once you have your mixture then you’re just going to apply it to the scalp ensuring that you’re really massaging it in and let it leave to soak.

So I made sure that I didn’t skip any part of my scalp you want your scalp to be covered because that is obviously where your itch enosis and where the flakes are.

Then once it is on you’re going to wash it off after half an hour and of course, you may want to also wash your hair twice again to really remove all the oiliness.

So I only apply this in my skull not necessarily the ends of my hair just because this treatment is really focused to just treat dandruff.

But it really helps with that I’ve done so many articles on how to get rid of dandruff so if you haven’t seen that definitely check it out but this is a really great DIY treatment to help with that.

# Hack 3

The next hair hack is to nourish split ends so all I did is I took a little container folded up with part olive oil and then I put castor oil into the mixture.

The reason I just put olive oil is just because castor oil is quite thick so it is advised to mix a little bit of olive oil until it’s a manageable consistency and this is going to be a DIY hair oil.

So all you have to do is put the tiniest amount to the ends of your hair of course you don’t want to put too much because your hair is just going to look oily and greasy.

But when split ends occur it is best to treat it quickly to avoid your hair from breaking off so you really want to use this all the time.

But you cannot only just use this as a hair oil you can also use it as an overall treatment to your hair so in that case when using it for treatment.

I just apply it to the links of the hair at leave it on for a half an hour and then I’ll wash it out thoroughly once again you want to make sure that you’re getting the oil completely out because if you don’t you’re going to dry hair .

And it’s just going to look greasy but this just is a really great hair treatment to make your hair just felt completely soft and helped with the split ends as well and especially if you have damaged hair.

# Hack 4

Castor oil is so moisturizing and has so many nourishing properties I love to use castor oil whenever.

I have like cracked elbows or kind of like really dry knees you can also apply these onto the sole of your feet if your feet are all dried and cracked this is really great.

this is also a really great moisturizer during the wintertime especially when your body does get so dry I typically like to use a  thicker moisturizer and this is really great for those situations.

# Hack 5

The last hack that castor oil is great for is reducing the appearance of stretch marksso all you have to do is massage the castor oil into the skin in circular motions wherever you have your stretch marks.

Then you’re just going to wrap the area with saran wrap for 15 to 20minutes to really help the oil penetrate into the skin.

If you really want it to help with your stretch marks you want to really look for castor oil that is in its purest form that is when it is most effective to help get rid of those stretch marks.

But once you let it say you’re just going to remove it and make sure that you are doing this Treatment over time in order to see results.

Final Word

That is all for the article I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope you guys try some of these hacks out thumbs up if you guys did like it and share it like I said it honestly Hope’s me out so so much.

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