The 5 Best Products from The Ordinary in 2021



Hi everyone welcome back to my name is Sara I’m here with an another brand new most asked article.

In today’s article I’m sharing the best products from the ordinary this article is a long time coming.

I’ve been using this brand for about two years now I’ve tried a lot of products from the brand and today I got to narrow it down to nine products which were really hard.

But I’m really excited to share with you guys my tried-and-true products these are the products I would recommend to anybody.

Before I get into this article and talk about every single product I do want to talk a little bit about brand history.

 Why The Ordinary brand is so cheap?

 Where The Ordinary from?

I get a lot of questions on that if The Ordinary brand is legit.

And at the end of the article, I am going to be talking a little bit about

 How to layer The Ordinary products?

 How to incorporate them into your own skincare routine?

Because it can be really intimidating when you’re starting out.

So we’re going to talk all about that today so if you guys are interested in the ordinary then keep on reading.

So if you guys have never heard of the ordinary there’s a skincare brand that’s based in Toronto Canada. They’re pretty new doesn’t seem they’ve only been around since 2016, but if you guys didn’t know already they have a huge cult following.

This is really important to know about the brand but their whole brand is based on transparency to their customers meaning they don’t mark up their prices like crazy like most skincare companies do.

If you guys didn’t know a lot of skincare ingredients are very inexpensive and they’re very cheap to produce,

but what a lot of skincare companies do is they mark up the prices like crazy they spend a lot of money on fancy packaging advertising celebrity endorsements all of that.

So that’s why skincare can be very expensive and the ordinary is the exact opposite of that they really just care about ingredients that are science-based and effective everything comes in really minimal packaging nothing fancy they’re also both vegan and cruelty free.

So if you guys don’t know I only use brands that are a hundred percent cruelty free on this site.

Alright now that you guys know a little bit more about the ordinary I’m going to jump into the products.

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The 5 Best Products from The Ordinary










The first product I’m going to talk about is my Holy Grail product I’ve talked about this product so many times even right here on this site and that is a grand active retinoid 2% emulsion.

So what this is a retinoid which is actually stronger than a retinol is something that you can buy over the counter a lot of skincare companies sell retinol.

But a retinoid is on the same level as prescription drugs liked retinol win, so what you’re really getting here is a prescription level product which is amazing and effective.

I’m going to post it before and after here before I start using this product I had a lot of acne scarring I had dark spots I had really bad skin texture and all of that was from cystic acne in my 20’s.

And within one month of using this product, I saw a huge difference in my skin until this day I still see a huge difference in using this product if you guys are not yet using some form of retinol I highly recommend it.

Because a retinol will address a number of issues on the skin literally everything from reducing acne scars fading dark spots and hyperpigmentation addressing anti-aging issues like fine lines and wrinkles it also helps with acne.

And it’s also preventative to me it eliminates so many products that I have to use and if I had to choose one product here today out of everything it would be right now.

If you’re new to retinol I recommend this one specifically and the best thing about it is that it’s none drying to the skin it won’t flake it doesn’t cause any irritation no redness it’s just amazing.

And the formula is really nice too it’s very lightweight almost as like a lotion and it spreads really nicely into the skin.

Can use this every single night and retinol is meant to be used at nighttime so just keep that in mind and you want to use this after any water-based serums that you have and before moisturizers.

And if you’re ever confused on what order skincare should be should always go from thinnest texture to thickest texture so just keep that in mind.

Also definitely know your order of getting care that’s really important always have that as a guide in the back of your mind.

So with this product you want to just use a small amount so I use about a pea-sized amount and I apply this after washing my face.

If I am using a serum that has a very thin texture then I’ll apply that first and then I’ll apply the retinol because the retinol has more of a lotion feel to it is a little bit thicker in consistency.

So you want to use that after any serums and then your moisturizer, so that’s kind of the order in which I incorporate the retinol.

one thing I want to mention is that you don’t want to use retinol X and acids on the same night technically you can use them on the same night but you just have to wait 30 minutes between each step and I don’t know about you guys but I don’t have that time I just like to apply my skincare.

So what I do is I alternate between my retinol and acids every single night will definitely get into acids if you guys are very confused on what I’m talking about.

But I am going to share a few acids with you guys so I alternate between my assets and retinol every other night my skin has no issues and my skin loves this retinol.

So I highly recommend this one again this is a grand active retinoid 2%emulsion.

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The second product that I have here is one that I’ve already made a whole article about on my site which is the AHA 30% BHA 2% peeling solution.

I’ll link the article below in my description box in case you guys are kind of wondering what this product looks like on the skin how to use it in all of that but what this is is a chemical exfoliate.

If you guys are not familiar with AHA and BHA s definitely get familiar because these are ingredients that you want to be using in your skincare.

So AHA and DHA stands for alpha and beta hydroxy acids, some AHA it’s our glycolic acid lactic acid mandelic acid there’s a lot more and then there’s BHA acids which is just salicylic acid.

So when you use all these assets combined what they do is exfoliate the outer layer of your skin to give you a brighter and more even appearance.

So after I use this facial I immediately notice the difference in my skin these are one of those products that you will notice a difference after just using it one time.

AHA and BHA s do a number of things to the skin and we think from clearing blemishes to treating fine lines and wrinkles reducing acne it has a lot of the same benefits if not very similar benefits to retinol.

But the main thing about it is that it’s going to give you a brighter appearance to your skin because it’s really just removing all the dead skin cells off.

There’s a very specific way to use this product and you really want to follow instructions because these are acids you really want to be careful.

So this is recommended to be used one to two times a week I was using it twice a week now I’m just using it once a week because I am using other acid products and I really don’t like to go overboard.

But I use this about once a week kind of like how you would apply a mask once a week or kind of treat your skin once a week to that like special something.

This is definitely a nice treat to the skin and it doesn’t feel as pleasant at first if you’re new to acids this is definitely going to tingle.

My skin is very used to acid so it barely tingles for me nowadays but you want to apply this on for 10 minutes and you don’t want to go over 10 minutes you definitely want to wash it off with lukewarm water after 10 minutes.

And you will see a difference right away your skin is going to look brighter and it’s just going to look amazing I really don’t like to incorporate this product with my other skin care products.

so I’ll apply this on like a mask in the middle of the day that way I don’t use it with the morning products I don’t use it with my neck products.

I do this just once a week it’s a nice treat to your skin I do want to warn you guys that this product does tingle especially if you’re new to acids and you’ve never used acids before I would start off really slow I would do a patch test first.

I just wanted to warn you guys because everybody’s pain tolerance is different some people say they barely feel a tingle and that it’s very tolerable and I’ve heard people say that it feels like their skin is on fire.

So really different ends of the spectrum so again this product is really different for everybody but it is so effective and it really does a number of things to the skin it’s great maintenance and you really see a difference right away.

Also, a fun little fact is a dupe to drunk elephant baby facial which is $80 they both have very similar ingredients and percentages.

It’s the TLCSakaki baby facial and this one has 25% AHA and 2% PHAs and the ordinary has 30% AHA and 2% DHA so the percentages are very similar to the AHA and the ordinary are a little bit higher.

but they generally do the same thing they’re both facials that’s just a fun little fact I actually have a lot of products that can be comparable to the ordinary.

So if you guys are interested in seeing that article let me know below because I think that could be really interesting.

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The third product I want to talk about is the glycolic acid 7% toning solution.

what is a toner?

That has glycolic acid in it glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid and it’s the acid that penetrates the deepest out of all the acids.

So it’s really going to get in there and address a number of issues, I’m going to be talking a lot about acids today and what they are and what they do?

So if you ever forget what glycolic acid does or lactic acid and all of these things just remember that they treat a number of concerns on the skin but they mostly exfoliate the outer layer of the skin to give you a brighter appearance.

And it’s also going to help with clearing blemishes and reducing acne and hyperpigmentation and scarring and all of that, just remember that it’s really helping to give you a clearer complexion.

Since this is a toner it’s pretty straightforward you would use this after you wash your face and you want to just take a cotton pad and just saturate the cotton pad and just wipe it all over your face.

Now you will feel a slight tingle especially if you’re new to acids well this isn’t the kind of toner that you would want to start using every single night,

When you first start try one to two times a week and then from there increase the time as your skin gets acclimated and used to it.

Like I mentioned earlier I don’t like mixing acids and retinol on the same so if I’m using my granite of retinoid 2% emulsion I won’t use any AHA DHA products in my routine that day I just like to keep it separate I love this glycolic acid I find it to be really effective.

And this is a brand new bottle but I did finish an entire one and you see a difference in your skin right away you wake up in the morning with really clear skin and it just like feels like you have a new layer of skin.

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Alright, the fifth product I want to talk about is hyaluronic acid so hyaluronic acid is not in exfoliating acid so it’s not like glycolic acid lactic acid it’s it has a totally different purpose and benefits to the skin.

hyaluronic acid is something that’s naturally produced in our bodies and has a lot of different uses but its main function is to retain water and draw moisture to the skin.

So hyaluronic acid is actually in a lot of hydrating serums and moisturizers it’s a hydrating agent.

The best thing about hyaluronic acid is that it plays well with a lot of other products like retinol vitamin peels you can use this you can drop this into your face cream and mix it all together it’s just really hydrating on the skin.

Anyone can use this but especially anyone that has a drier skin type can really benefit from this or if you’re someone that is starting to see fine lines and wrinkles and you want just really plump glowy hydrated skin you definitely want to incorporate aches into your routine.

So I like to use this at night I like to use it at night because I noticed that it pills with my makeup when I use it in the morning this specific HA has a very gooey texture.

So it’s a little bit thicker than lactic acid which I mentioned has like a water texture so it’s very thin this has more of a gooey texture to it.

So let’s say you’re applying lactic acid you would apply this first and then hyaluronic acid after again you just want to go from thinness – thickest texture that is really what all of this is about hyaluronic acid is amazing.

This is so easy to incorporate into your routine especially if you have dry skin and this is not something that I use every single day I kind of use it when my skin really needs it you can use it every day if you are really consistent with it you will have overall or hydrated more plump skin.

But I kind of like to use this like almost like a sheet mask sometimes or a little boost of hydration to my skin when I need it again this is hyaluronic acid 2% + B5.

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All right the seventh product I want to talk about is nicotinamide 10% and Zinc 1% I love this product I really try to use it morning and nighttime price in amide reduces the appearance of blemishes and skin congestion and zinc really helps to regulate sebum production.

Niacinamide and zinc is really powerful together for anybody that has oily skin congested skin acne prone skin.

My cinnamon can be used AM and PM and I love this product so much because it really makes a huge difference in my skin like if I’m having a bad acne day I’m having hormonal breakouts and I apply this.

I will see a difference in like very little time and it just works so effectively I really try to incorporate this to my skincare routine and in p.m.

There are some exceptions and one is that niacinamide is generally not recommended to be used with vitamin C.

So if you are someone that uses a vitamin C serum in the morning it’s not recommended to use niacinamide together the ordinary doesn’t recommend that you use their niacin amide with any sort of vitamin C.

however this is controversial if you look it up on the internet it’s very 50/50 some people say that you definitely don’t want to use niacin amide and vitamin C together and some people say that that’s old news that’s old studies you can use it it’s a myth.

I recently started using niacinamide and vitamin C together it’s just a personal choice and I’m pretty comfortable with it.

So my vitamin C right now from drunk elephant does have a thicker consistency than my niacinamide, so after I wash my face I apply the niacin my first apply the vitamin C serum and then apply the rest of my skincare routine.

Again that’s just a personal choice and I recommend you guys to research and see what is best for you that’s seven products we have two more to go.

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How to layer with the ordinary products together?

All right so now I want to talk a little bit about how to layer these products together because it could definitely be intimidating especially if you’re new to the brand.

But to me there are two things to always keep in mind when you’re confused about how to layer them one is to know your order of skincare you guys could definitely Google this research it on your own.

The second thing to know in this part is probably the most important out of all of them is to always go from thinnest texture to thickest texture.

And that is how you want to layer them if you’re confused about you know using niacin amide and retinol together which by the way you can use together they’re great together.

Niacin amide has a thinner texture and this specific retinol has a thicker kind of lotion consistency so it would go after the nice and of ice.

And if you’re ever confused about if this active ingredient can be used with this active ingredient just look it up and Google it that’s honestly how I learned to layer them together.

and also when you purchase the ordinary there’s always going to be instructions on the back on how to apply it how much to apply it when to use it whether it’s a more PM how often to use it and all of that, so definitely utilize the brand.

another thing that I want to mention that is so so important is that don’t go crazy and try to use all these products at on sale definitely don’t use all products from the ordinary in fact I find them more as supplement supplemental to my skincare routine.

My Personal Thought

In my next article I want to show you guys how I incorporate the ordinary into my skincare routine because like I said I don’t use all products from the ordinary.

I know it can be really tempting to go crazy and buy like 10products from the brand because they’re so cheap.

But just keep in mind what your skin needs and use products that are going to target that a lot of these products actually have the same benefits.

try not to use both of those products at once use one day one another day or one another week don’t use everything at once.

Because it’s going to cause a lot of irritation to your skin especially when you’re starting off.

Final Word

Alright guys thank you so much for reading I hope you guys enjoyed this article and learn something new today.

If you guys have any questions at all about any of these products definitely leave them in the comment section below and I will do my best to answer them.

And if you guys are not yet share this article make sure that you’re share with your friends and family and I’ll see you with another very interesting article till then bye bye.


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